On Saturday it happened again; we launched Gravitt girl #4. I keep thinking it will be easier, but it never is.

What was easy was the actual move-in. The university Katherine (pictured below in black) will be attending had a move-in crew of upperclassmen lined up outside the dorm just waiting for the freshmen. It took all of four minutes for them to unload our truck and have the boxes in her room. It was an improvement over the move-in experience with one of her older sisters, four years ago, who happened to attend the same university and live three doors down on the same hall.


The experience reminded me of how important it is to create an easy transition for those who are new. I once read that the first forty hours for a new employee are the most important forty of their entire career. I believe the same is true for a every area of life.

When is the last time you tried to adapt to something new? Do you remember how it feels to be a new student? What about the first day on a job or the awkward feeling of visiting a church? Or how about the quiet of an empty nest (my new reality)?

If you want to create a better culture for your organization, don’t forget about your new people. Move-in day doesn’t have to be brutal. If you will give some intentional thought to how you orient, train, and celebrate your rookies you will take a step toward being a high performance organization.

Who is new that you can reach out to and encourage this week?


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Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.