My weekend at Lambeau Field in Green Bay was full of highlight moments. Visiting the Packer locker room was among them.

I thought about trying on Aaron Rodger’s jersey, but decided that would be pushing it.

But the weekend also had it’s lows. At the top (or should I say bottom) of the low list was my layover in the Detroit airport on my return to Atlanta.

After getting up at 4:00 AM to catch a 5:40 flight out of Packerland, everything was perfect. We arrived in Detroit early. Very early.

I decided to check the departures board. “YES . . . An earlier flight to Atlanta!” Two hours earlier to be exact.

So I headed to the new gate and made my request to the agent. Sadly, he informed me the flight was full. Oversold, in fact. “No seat for you.”

Why I decided to hang around, I am not sure? I thought to myself, You never know. A few people might not show. After all, it is still the middle of the night. At least it felt like the middle of the night with all the grey fog and cold weather.

After the gate cleared and the plane was boarded, I went back up to the agent. “Just thought I would give it one more shot. Any seats?”

His answer surprised me. “There is ONE seat left. It is in the back row by the engine. You probably wouldn’t like it.” Glad he is not in sales.

“I’ll take it.” I said.

The agent took my boarding pass and started clacking on his computer. “Your ticket requires a $50 upgrade to go on the earlier flight.”

I came home late.

The interesting thing is, the motto of the airline is, Name of airline is ready when you are.”

HELLO! . . . I thought you were ready.

It appears big “D” airline has forgotten they are in the people business. The object is to say “Yes” to the travelers, not to make them wait two hours, sitting around in an airport, writing a blog . . . thank you very much.

That’s right. I’m going Taylor Swift on you Mr. Gate Agent. “You break up with me, and I write a love song about you.”

My weekend in Green Bay was filled with people saying “Yes” to me. ***** is Ready When You Are, brought me back to reality.

If your focus today is on what your customers can do for you, don’t be surprised if they walk away a little less loyal.

After over 50 flights, years of accumulated Skymiles, and recommending big “D” to dozens of people, today I am open to an airline upgrade. All because one gate agent forgot that the passengers are more important than the policies.

Don’t make the same mistake. Say “Yes” to someone today . . .  Maybe even to someone who deserves a “No.”



When was the last time someone said “Yes” to you by demonstrating great customer service?




Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.