Last week I had the opportunity to spend a day with a group of leadership teams who are seeking to raise their level of performance. The teams represented four different functions inside one company.

It was great to share best practices with them and then watch them lean into conversations toward progress.


One thing that struck me was how each of the teams was so enthusiastic about the overall direction of their organization. The collaboration was impressive.

I recently heard a leader say, “It’s hard to be down on something when you’re in on it.” His words rang true as I spoke to the teams. Their positive vibe was proof they are “in on something.”

When you look around at those you lead, are there team members who are down on the way things are going? It might be an indicator they are not in on what you are trying to accomplish.

If that’s the case, you have two choices. Either cut your losses and move on, or let them in on it (whatever your it is).

The best leaders share ownership with the rest of the team. Sharing ownership not only raises the level of engagement throughout the organization, it also increases the capacity of the leader.

As the leader, you control the level of engagement for your team. Let them in on what you are doing by sharing ownership and you’ll have a team who refuses to be down on it.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think so many leaders refuse to share ownership with those they lead?

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Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.