Habits are a powerful thing. Over time they can lead to great accomplishments and ultimately unlock the greatness that is in every leader.

As I prepare for March one of the habits I hope to continue is to write this crazy leadership blog. My goal is to write 200 posts during 2017. Upon sharing this with a friend of mine he asked me if I thought I could deliver on my goal?

200 new posts does seem like a lot. But then I remembered a Seth Godin quote that I happened to write down.

Seth wrote, “Publishing is about passion and writing is a lifestyle, not a shortcut to a mansion and a Porsche. Bestselling authors are like golfers who hit holes in one. It’s a nice thing, but there are plenty of people who will keep playing even without one.”

I am not a bestselling author, or much of a golfer for that matter, even though I did once have a hole-in-one. You may be thinking, “You aren’t a very good blogger either.” But give me this … I keep showing up. No profits and no Porsches, although I am not opposed to either if you are feeling generous. Just a desire to encourage leaders to live lives of integrity and influence motivates me to write.

Where are you planning on “showing up” in March and for the rest of 2017? Not occasionally or in a hoping to get lucky hole-in-one kind of way. I am talking consistently, hand to the plow, bringing your best to the party, kind of showing up.

The world needs YOU to show up in your own unique way.

Honestly, it makes me crazy to think I have to write 200 blogposts this year. My friend is even dreading it for me. He asked the questions of doom, “Where will you find 200 ideas? Won’t you run out of topics?”

As I have said before, “I don’t need 200 ideas today, I only need one.” 

Today matters. Bring your best effort today and then wake up and do it again tomorrow. Soon it will be a habit. And habits become books. Habits become marathons. Habits lead to fitness. Habits foster relationships, sales, graduates, and champions.

I am cheering for you today. All you have to do is SHOW UP, one day at a time.

Where do you need to show up in your own life and leadership?

Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.