One of my favorite parts of building a company is thinking about stuff.

This week I’ve been thinking about ways to freshen my blog content. One idea I had was to introduce a new post I will call The Thursday Three. My goal is to share 3 things I discover each week that I believe will add value to you. I’m leaning toward making this a regular post each week, but still undecided. I would love your feedback.

So here goes. This week’s Thursday Three.

  • The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni. I downloaded this one for my return flight from Chicago yesterday. I’m already half way through. So far it is really good. In the introduction Lencioni says being a team player is at the top of the list of the most valuable qualities a person can have to thrive in the world of work. I am a big Lencioni fan. If you want to improve yourself as a teammate, or take your team to the next level, this book will help.
  • Listen to Me Linda YouTube video. A friend shared this one with me a couple of years ago, and I ran across it again this week. As a leader it resonates. Do you ever feel like you are taking to a wall, finding resistance from those you lead. If so, and you need a laugh, this kid should help.

[youtube id=”TP8RB7UZHKI”]

  • The Tim Ferris Show interview with Seth Godin. Who in the world has the audacity to try and pull off a two hour podcast? Ferris not only tries, he succeeds on this one. I listened to several sections a couple of times. Download it here or on itunes, put on the earbuds and go for a long run or walk. You may not agree with everything you hear, but it will challenge you to think about the way you design your life.

Have a blessed weekend, and remember, your capacity to grow determines your capacity to lead.


Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.