I love teams. Since I was five years old they have been a part of my life.

I’ve been on good teams, bad teams, and even a couple of great teams. My experiences have surfaced the question, “What is the differentiator between teams that are average, or even below, versus those that thrive.

I have a theory. Could it be that as leaders we have failed to foster an environment where everyone is allowed input?

The best leaders allow those on their teams to weigh in on important decisions. Unfortunately, not every leader falls into this category. Many default to controlling, micro-managing, ignoring, and even shaming those they hired to help them. As a result it shuts down engagement.

If your team is currently stuck or there are members who are less than fully engaged, maybe it’s time to have a conversation and listen to everyone’s input. Remember, people don’t need their way as much as they need their way considered.

Greatness is a choice. If we will spend more time listening our teams will be well on their way to becoming dominant.

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Author: Randy

Randy is an author, speaker, executive coach, and the CEO of InteGREAT Leadership. He invests his time encouraging leaders around the world.