Do You Have a Hiring Problem?

Training can’t fix what hiring (management) doesn’t catch.
Are there people in your organization who are causing you frustration? Your problem might be more about on-boarding than it is training.
Do you have a system to find the right people? A great hiring system has at least three layers to it.
1. A profile — please do your organization a favor and never hire a person without knowing what or who you are looking for. A profile is a must. The profile should have a list of expectations, boundaries, and competencies.
2. A process — The best hiring processes look for character as well as skills. My friend Mark Miller always reminds me, “If a leader’s heart is not right, no one cares about their skills.”
3. A program — Orientation is often overlooked. Ritz Carlton founder, Horst Schulze says, “a person’s first 40 hours are the most important of their career.” Great managers spend an inordinate amount of time on-boarding new hires.
Before you hire anyone else make sure you have a profile, a process, and a program. If you ignore any of the three your training department won’t like it (or you) very much.
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