Yesterday I introduced the principle, Growing Leaders, Grow Organizations.

As you think about your organization or team, do you hope to grow your business by 15% or more this year? If so, let me remind you, hope is not a strategy. A growing leader is.

Let me say it again …

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Over the next three days I will give you 15 ways to grow your leadership by 15%.

Here goes …

  1. Set a Growth Goal. It helps me to have a number like 15% as a target – an intended destination. Once I know my target, all I need is to aim and fire, armed with a few proven disciplines. Remember, your direction always determines your destination, and your disciplines will launch you in the right direction.
  2. Read. Discipline number one is to establish the habit of reading. If I could choose only one habit to pursue growth it would be to develop a love for books. I often meet people who say they hate to read. Rarely are they living up to their potential … often unimpressive. Reading requires focus and commitment. But the payoff is huge. Books expose us to ideas, and stretch our thinking. If you want to jumpstart your leadership growth, spend at least thirty minutes a day reading.
  3. Think. The best leaders influence the thoughts of the cultures they lead. In fact, they create those cultures. This is done either haphazardly, with little thought, or strategically, with careful thought. The question is, what kind of culture do you want to create? How much time do you give to thinking about a preferred future and mapping out a plan to communicate your vision. There are many ways to think. I encourage you to read a blogpost at titled, Today’s Challenge: Thinking. It will push you to use your brains.
  4. Write. Growing leaders capture their thinking through writing. If you never write, you are limiting your opportunity for influence, as well as your growth. But again it takes discipline. I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to make myself write everyday. Rarely does it come easily. Yet most days I bang out a blog or a piece of a book or project. Whether anyone reads my thoughts or not, the process of writing is helping me to grow. It will for you too.
  5. Dream. One of the definitions of the verb dream is to, “Contemplate the possibility of doing something.” I love the idea of actually doing something with my life. Many people dream of doing nothing. What a waste. If you want to grow your business, the best place to start might be with a dream to do something. Something meaningful. Something impactful. Something that will inspire you and call out your best. If you commit strategic time to dreaming it will ensure you’ll increase your capacity to get things done.

Set a goal, read, think, write, and dream. Five practices that will pave the path to your leadership growth. I’ll share five more with you tomorrow.

Until then …

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is the best book you have read during the past 90 days?

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