15 Ways to Grow Your Leadership by 15% … Part 2

In Part 1 of 15 Ways to Grow Your Leadership by 15% we covered goal setting, reading, thinking, writing, and dreaming. Today I want to give you five more things to consider as you seek to maximize your leadership potential in the coming months.

6. Coaching. If you intend to grow, you’re no different from the best athletes in the world … you need someone to push you. Every time a leader hires me to coach them it fires me up. There is nothing better than a leader who makes an investment in going to the next level.

7. Travel. Go somewhere – anywhere. Leaders learn when they travel. Schedule a trip and then go pay attention to something new. Be sure to take good notes and incorporate some of your learnings into your work.

8. Network. Few things are more powerful than a group of leaders sharing best practices. Whether you have a regularly scheduled meeting or an occasional connection, other leaders will stretch your thinking.

9. Benchmark. I have a friend who is in a service business that delivers 7 days a week. He recently told me he likes to visit Waffle House, not only for the food, but also to observe the way they serve people. His company has absolutely nothing to do with food. He recognizes the value of learning everywhere he goes. If you need specific tips on benchmarking, GreatLeadersServe.com has an entire post on the subject. I encourage you to read it.

10. Listen. Rarely do leaders master the skill of listening. Too often they fall into the temptation of feeling they are expected to talk. There are times when I will enter a meeting and force myself to be quiet for extended periods of time. It is brutal for me, but necessary. There is so much to be gained when we lock in on what others are saying … especially those who are in the trenches. You have two ears for a reason. Use them.

Coaching, traveling, networking, benchmarking, and listening. Five more disciplines every leader can use to speed up the growth process. Tomorrow I’ll give you the final five.

Leadership Begins at Home,


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