2 0 0 0 . . . That's Insane!

This will be my final blog for 2010.  What a year it has been!

Thank you all for your encouragement and for the many ways you have inspired me as a leader this year.

I want to dedicate my final 2010 blog to my friend and fellow runner and leader, Don “Sensei” Swinford.

Sensei is a survivor.  Fives years ago the big number in his life was 10.26.  That was the day (October 26th, 2005) he was diagnosed and became a survivor of cancer.

This week the big number in Sensei’s life is 2,000 . . . the number of miles he has run in 2010.

His goal for the year was to run 1,000 miles.  Tough, but doable for anyone committed to fitness.

2,000 on the other hand is bordering on insane.  Not surprising if you know Sensei.

The number is not insane because it is a lot of miles.  The number is insane because he doubled his goal.

Goals are a powerful thing for a leader.  They keep us focused and moving forward.

As you end this year, perhaps you find yourself trying to finish some of your personal goals?  If that is the case, finish strong.

2011 is only 17 days away.  I hope you will take some time over the next couple of weeks and give some thought to your goals for the next year.

I leave you with a couple of ideas as you dream.

1.  Half of something is better than double nothing. Bad grammar, but true.  You will never regret setting a goal.  Even if you fail to accomplish it completely.

2.  You can do a lot more than you think you can. If a cancer survivor can run 2,000 miles in a year, what might you be able to do with complete focus?

3.  Satisfaction is a more fun than regret. There is nothing quite like a sense of accomplishment.  Ask yourself what you could do in 2011 that would make you proud of yourself if it happened.  The answer to that question should be one of your top goals for the coming year.

So Dream.  Dream big.  And dream fun.

And Sensei, congratulations old friend.  You are twice as strong as you thought you were.

May each of you have a blessed Christmas.

Until January 3, 2011 . . .



What is your biggest accomplishment for 2010?  How about your top goal for 2011?

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11 years ago

This is an area I have a really hard time understanding. I’m part of an organization that loves goal-setting. We have goals, objectives, “end-visioning”, Master Plans, continual evaluation, re-evaluation & on & on.
I don’t have a problem with goal setting per se, but when it comes to being and building disciples, I don’t know how to reconcile the concept of setting goals with how I see disciples behaving in the NT. Did they set goals? Did Jesus set goals?
When did the current emphasis on “goal setting” come into play in church leadership? And what does God expect from us in this area? What are we to expect from others whom God has placed in our sphere of influence?
Sorry, Randy, not trying to muddy the waters here!


11 years ago

I just want to know how you get 17 days vacation from the Blog? It was just becoming a habit and now my pattern will be changed. I guess I will have to go back and read all the re-runs 🙁

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