3 Keys to Making 2017 a Great Year

Almost every week someone asks me the keys to being successful as a leader. The list of things one could prioritize is as long as the Friday before Spring Break. 

All I can do is tell you what I am choosing to prioritize. As I enter 2017, I have chosen three words to focus on — capacity, longevity, and legacy.

Capacity speaks to the way I manage my time, allocate my resources, and organize my workflow. To me, time is the starting point. It is the most valuable resource we have. You can’t buy more and it is easy to squander. Often it is wasted most when I fail to organize the way I work. (Anyone have a messy workspace?) Going into the new year I am evaluating heavily my systems and processes with the intent of making excellence repeatable. I hope you will join me.

Area number two is longevity. This includes my health & wellness, exercise & nutrition, rest & stress management, and energy & engagement. Leadership is more of a marathon than a sprint. There are places in the longevity arena I have neglected over the past few weeks. It is up to me to protect my longevity. If there are areas where you need to make an adjustment, I encourage you to do so sooner than later. We need you to lead well for the entire race. 

  • Longevity Suggestion: Commit to daily exercise, drinking more water, and seven or more hours of sleep every night.

My third area of focus for 2017 is legacy. While I want to make a living with my leadership, I’m more interested in making a difference … and not just a passing difference. I want to create generational influence that goes far beyond my time as a leader. Don’t you? If so, I challenge you to spend more time focused on what your legacy will be. Legacy is about relationships as well as results. Make sure you balance both, remembering you are primarily in the people business. 

  • Legacy Suggestion: spent 15 minutes every day connecting with members of your team focused on being fully present and listening more than you speak. 

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I would love to hear what you are prioritizing for 2017 in the comment section below. If you have not given it any thought to this point, I suggest you start with capacity, longevity, and legacy. I’m believing they are the three keys to making 2017 a great year. 


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