3 Things Every Leader Should do Every Day

“What are you doing?” It’s a question I am asked almost every day. I have been asked that question so many times it has caused me to consider another question. What should I be doing?
I’m beginning to believe there are three things I need to do every day if I plan to reach my potential. I encourage you to consider building them into your routine as well.
1. Dream — As a kid it is easier to dream than it is as a big person. Somewhere along the way creativity gets smacked around and we are told over and over to obey the rules, color inside the lines, and get a degree in something we can fall back on. While there is nothing wrong with living under authority, dreams get squashed inside the lines. I meet people every day whose fall back plan has turned to apathy. If you want to wake yourself up and reengage with life and work the place to start is with a dream. Specifically, I challenge you to set aside ten minutes a day with a legal pad and pen and ask yourself the following questions: What if? What is possible? What could we accomplish over the next year? What inspires me? What is worth my time? How could I improve? Why am I here?
I’m convinced leaders don’t spend enough time dreaming. Dreams pave the way to destinies. Wrestle with one of those questions every day for the next week and watch what happens to your mind. It will explode with possibilities.
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2. Pray — Dream long enough and the possibilities will overwhelm you … in the words of the Roy Scheider in Jaws, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” The question becomes, where can you find someone to help you?
Anytime I am overwhelmed, I’m reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s words when he faced a challenge. “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day. What are you attempting that is driving you to your knees, asking for Heaven’s help? If the answer is nothing, go back to #1 and identify your dream. If one of the greatest leaders of all time made prayer a part of his routine, I’m guessing you would benefit from bowing your knees every day too.
3. Work — Dreams become realities when leaders do stuff. You can dream all you want, and pray 24-7, but action is required for progress. I believe I should pray like the outcome depends on God and work like it depends on me. How about you? Do you have a bias for action? Is your work ethic a model for others to follow? If you genuinely want to add value it will require effort. John Maxwell is credited with saying, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” If you want to see your dreams come true you have to go to work.
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Dream, pray, work. Three things every leader should do every day. Will you join me?

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4 years ago

I have dreams. I pray, OK not hard enough, over them. I get stuck because I don’t act. Sometimes it is a case of not knowing how to act. Sometimes it is because of fear. I have three dreams that come to my mind right off the bat. I can’t see how to make any of them come to reality. Well I take that back. I can get one off the ground again by picking up the so called pen, or in this case keyboard…


4 years ago

Thanks for the comment, Jason. Keep writing bro!

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