Last week I sat through a session with Scott Davis, Chief Growth Officer of Prophet. Prophet is a brand and marketing company that specializes in helping companies stay relevant.
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Davis said a few things that will stick with me moving forward.

  1. If you want your customers to become fans then become obsessed with your customers. Are you obsessed with your customers? I mean really obsessed? I hear people all the time say they like to under promise and over deliver. I encourage the team I work with to promise a lot and then seek to exceed expectations. Such a mindset causes us to focus on what we can do to add value rather than how we can gain value from our customers.
  2. Convenience is the new currency. How hard is it for people to access what you have to offer? Are there hoops to jump through and unnecessary barriers causing you to lose customers? Simple is powerful. Take time to consistently evaluate your products, services, and customer experiences. Your success is on the line.
  3. Relevance is the single greatest determining factor for a brand’s long-term success. If you want to win for the long haul you must reinvent continually. In today’s world fresh is an entry level requirement. If you can’t stay relevant, you can’t stay in business.

Obsession, convenience, and relevance — three tools to turn your customers into raving fans.
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