3 Words to GAS up Your Influence

Fuel. Without it your vehicle won’t make it very far; your leadership is no different.
I often hear people describe leadership as influence. If that is accurate, then what is fueling your influence?
[Tweet “”Influence explodes when leaders are gentle, available, and sacrificial.” “]
When I think about leadership GAS three words come to mind. They accurately describe how I want to be perceived by those closest to me.

  1. Gentle. This word may seem like an odd place to start, but it is one I often need to work on most. Sometimes I wonder if it is why God gave me a wife and four daughters. Let’s just say they have been great at rubbing off my rough edges. However, I still have progress to make. I’m convinced I will be working on my gentleness for the rest of my life.
  2. Available. When my friends and family think of me, I’m not sure available is the first word that comes to mind. This is another area I need to practice. Often times I can be in a place and find my mind and heart somewhere else. How about you? Are you ever distracted by technology, projects, or schedule demands? If so, work on being more available.
  3. Sacrificial. One of the values I want to model is generosity. But I’m convinced the very best leaders take generosity to an even higher level by being sacrificial. They are constantly looking for ways to add value to others even if it cost them personally. What if every leader thought that way? It would cause our leadership to be transformational.

GAS … Gentle, available, and sacrificial. Three unpopular words that will fuel your influence.

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