Are You Playing with Passion?

“To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable.”
Those words spoken by Beethoven are a challenge to leaders. So many I know are simply going through the motions, punching a clock, longing for a day when they can be free from the monotony of their work. Sound familiar?
Clearly you are talented or you wouldn’t be in a leadership role. The question is, are you in the right role?
When I was a kid I actually spent a few months taking piano lessons. If it weren’t for all the practice I might have been good. Unfortunately according to Beethoven I lacked the most important thing … passion. There is a difference in liking music and having the passion to be a musician.
It all fell apart for me when my first piano recital coincided with a baseball all-star game. Thanks to my dad’s help (he was my coach), we talked my mom into allowing me to skip the recital. My piano career ended that night, but I did strike out a few guys and got a couple of hits. Thankfully, I followed my passion.
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How we spend our time is a choice. Make the decision to do what you love and you will not only have more fun, but your life will soon become music to those you lead.
Leadership Begins at Home,
Why do you think so many people choose comfort over courage?
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