8 Reasons You Want Top Talent

As we conducted the research that spawned the book, Talent Magnet, we encountered an interesting phenomenon – some people were not convinced they even WANTED Top Talent. There seemed to be an underlying belief they wouldn’t be worth the effort. The truth is pursuing Top Talent is hard work, but the return far exceeds the investment. Below are 8 reasons you want better talent.


COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Products can be copied, technology can be duplicated, and there’s only so much efficiency you can squeeze from supply chain reengineering. Top Talent is the ultimate competitive advantage.

MORE AGILITY: The world is changing. Successful organizations are change-hearty. This is only possible if your people are willing to change. Agility is a hallmark of high performance organizations and Top Talent.

BETTER RESULTS: Scorecards reflect our performance, but our people create our results. The most talented people, well led, aligned and engaged, create superior results.

ABILITY TO RESPOND TO COMPLEXITY: To say the environment in which we operate is growing in complexity is a blinding flash of the obvious. However, many people struggle with this reality, but Top Talent understands it and thrives in a changing world.

POSITIVE BRAND REPRESENTATION: Who do you want to represent you and your organization to the public? To your vendors and suppliers? The names that come to mind are probably your best people. Why? Our people communicate more about us than anything else. They are the truest representation of the brand.

ENERGY: Some people generate energy – others suck the life out of those around them. Top Talent is life-giving to an organization. Everyone wants to serve with them. They are in high demand because of their skills, attitude, and energy.

OUR FUTURE: All Top Talent are not leaders, but all leaders need to be Top Talent. Top Talent can become your farm system for future leaders. The greater your pool of talent, the brighter your future.

AN ATTRACTIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR MORE TOP TALENT: When someone is considering a job in your organization, one of the things they do is look around. Do they see mustangs or mules? Do they see people they want to work with? The more Top Talent you have, the easier it is to attract more.

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In summary, I’ll pull a few lines from Blake’s remarks to his fellow CEOs in Talent Magnet

“The growing demands of our customers, increased competition, and the complexities of our business necessitate higher levels of talent. We believe the organizations with the most Top Talent are the ones that will ultimately win the day.”

If you are looking to attract great people in your organization start by reading Mark Miller’s new book, Talent Magnet. Here you will find the 3 things Top Talent seeks and will be well on your way to becoming an employer of choice.

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