Who do you need to be grateful for today? Nine Eleven has a way, each year, of reminding us to be thankful for those we love the most.

In my case it is my wife, Laura. She is my favorite person on the planet. After 25 years of being married to her, I still feel blown away that I get to go home every day knowing she will be there.

When I go home today, my girls and I will have a party for Laura, because it’s her birthday.

I suspect there is someone who deserves a party in your world today too. What if you decided to go for it and celebrate this person, whether it is their birthday or not?

You might have more days with the person you love, but you will never have this day again.

Make the most of it.

Happy Birthday Laura!



Who needs celebrating in your world today?

Also, feel free to write a birthday wish for Laura & I will pass it along.