A couple of days ago, ultra marathon runner Dean Karnazes wrote the following . . . “Just 10 years ago, not a single state in the US had an obesity rate of 25 percent or higher.  In 2009, 33 states did.”

If you want to be an authentic leader, you must give attention to your level of physical fitness.  Unfortunately, many leaders believe these statistics are irrelevant.

We live in a society that is literally “growing” and it is killing us.

Are you winning the battle for your body?  Our culture desperately needs leaders to model the way when it comes to fitness.

Maybe you need to refocus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

10 simple but effective reminders:

1 – Be intentional

2 – Be consistent

3 – Be patient

4 – Be accountable

5 – Start moving

6 – Strength train

7 – Stretch

8 – Eat to live, don’t live to eat

9 – Drink a lot of water

10 – Encourage someone else

Fitness is not hard, but it is also not free.  Pay the price to be fit and it will make you a better leader.



What else would you add to the list of fitness reminders?