They say a picture paints a thousand words. If that’s the case this will be the longest blog I’ve ever written.

After a month of travel, I have chosen 5 pictures that capture part of my world. Reviewing them I feel a bit like the DOS EQUIS of bloggers. It was definitely my most interesting month in years.

Each photo of the week reminded me of a leadership lesson. I could definitely write more than a thousand words on each, but I will spare you. In the mean time, I hope you will enjoy the pics and chew on the following thoughts.

Week 1 – Finding My Way in the Ozarks! After three days of teaching next generation leaders the principles of FINDING YOUR WAY, I have clarity that a majority of my time needs to be invested in people a lot younger than me. The next generation is amazing! Have you identified your target audience?

Finding My Way in the Ozarks

Week 2 – Goat-O bombed in the Badlands! If you lead very long, you will quickly discover there are plenty of goats trying to tear you down. Critics, cynics, and attackers are lurking. Ignore them. You have great things to accomplish. Stay focused on the positive and surround yourself with winners. 

Goat-O Bombed in the Badlands

Week 3 – Having Fun in Fairburn! A week of running a soccer camp for 6 year olds was exhausting, but I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun. The camp taught me that tired at the end of the day often translates into increased joy. If you want to have a great week, find something fun to do and work like crazy to be amazing.

Having Fun in Fairburn

Week 4 – Soccer Selfies in Pittsburgh! My week hanging out and serving the Pirates was a blast. However, watching them win paled in comparison to spending time with winners. An outfield soccer workout with catcher Russell Martin reminded me that the great ones cross-train. They are focused on fitness and raising their level of effectiveness and will do whatever is required to make it happen. What are you doing to ensure you are “fit to lead” in all areas?

Soccer Selfies in Pittsburgh

Week 5 – Leadership Really Does Begin at Home! While technically not at home, our family vacation to Rosemary Beach was the perfect cap to an amazing month. It seared upon my heart that if I miss the mark with my family, my influence with others means very little.

Leadership Begins at Home

As you look at these pics and think back over your last month, how are you doing in each of these areas? I’m convinced that if you find clarity, eliminate the goats, have fun, pay the price, and win at home, your leadership can go to a new level.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which of these five areas needs some attention from you in the coming days?

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