A Self Leadership Reminder

On a recent airplane ride I was reminded of the importance of self leadership. The flight attendant stood in front of the passengers and gave us the “oxygen-mask demonstration,” stating, “In case of an emergency, please make sure you put your own mask on before you help your children.”

As a leader, the principle of the oxygen-mask holds true. If you neglect your own development and growth, focusing solely on the well being of your team, you are asking for trouble.

The reality of leadership is that there will always be people, projects, budgets, and deadlines clamoring for your time. While those things matter, they can be never-ending.

If you will make a weekly commitment to personal growth and development, it will make you a healthier leader who is equipped to influence others.

Has it been a while since you spent an hour reading? A morning planning? An afternoon dreaming? If so, I am guessing you are low on leadership oxygen and running on empty.

Before this week is over, carve out some time for self-leadership. It will be like oxygen to your soul.



What are some practices you have built into your schedule to keep you healthy as a leader?



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8 years ago

In our busy and hectic world there never seems to be enough time for just one’s self. Specially with work, side jobs, and 5 kids. Add home repairs and a wife’s needs who can get time for themself? What is really sad is my wife has less time for herself than I do…
Thanks for the reminder to recharge yourself from time to time…


8 years ago

Thanks Jason!

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