Add One . . . Change One

Yesterday while walking through the lobby of a hotel I was tempted by a sign hanging on a post near the front desk. “Wet Paint,” which is Latin for “touch with the index finger,” was irresistible.

I have no idea why I filter everything through the eyes of this blog, but I do. Seeing the sign stopped me in my tracks. I stood staring at the two words and was struck by how easy it would be to change “Wet Paint”” to “West Point.”

Add an “S” in the right place to the word wet and switch the “A” in paint to “O” and everything changes. Suddenly you go from a sticky liquid to what some believe to be the greatest leadership institution on earth.

Few would argue that there is a big difference between wet paint and West Point. However, to close the gap between the two you really only have to add one and change one.

I suspect there are similar “gap” areas in your own personal leadership environment. Areas that have you feeling despair instead of hope. The good news is, change might be closer than you think.

In fact, I’m guessing you could add one thing and change one thing and your gap would narrow in a hurry.

Add One . . . Change One. Could it be that simple?

If you need to close a gap, see for yourself. They are the place to start.




What is one thing you need to add to your current leadership reality?

What is one thing you need to change?



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9 years ago

One thing to add… As I think about this I ponder what to add. I am not sure just one thing is enough but to start the list my one thing to add would be wisdom. I would want better understanding and wisdom to lead better.
The one thing to change would be to keep God first in all things. Sure it is a goal and something I strive for but lets face it, I could always improve. I am sure there is something else to change but it doesn’t come to mind at this point in time…
Thanks for such a good blog Randy…


9 years ago

Thanks Jason!

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