During a recent conversation with a friend, he indicated his desire to be a part of a high performance team. It made me appreciate his leadership in a much greater way.


The best leaders

place a high value on creating a team culture. Author Patrick Lencioni even goes so far as to say that effective executives are obsessed with “building and maintaining a cohesive leadership team.”

Lencioni defines such a team with these words . . . “A cohesive team trusts one another, engages in constructive conflict, commits to group decisions and holds one another accountable.”

When you look at your leadership, I have two questions . . .

1. What are YOU obsessed with?

2. Does YOUR team match Lencioni’s definition?

As you lead today, give this some thought and take a step toward building a more cohesive team.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Is there anything you would add to Lencioni’s definition of a cohesive team?

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