Are You Headed Toward Tubby?

Exercise!  Your life depends on it. So does your leadership.

A.A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh, once wrote, ‘A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.’

In that regard, you and I are no different than bears. If we want to stay lean as leaders, we must exercise both physically and mentally.

The leaders I respect the most are the ones who are “fit” to lead. They take care of themselves in every way.

How about you?  Do you discipline yourself to exercise your body 3-4 times per week? Do you have a consistent time of reading and study to stretch your mind?

If you answered no to either of those question, you are on your way to “tubby.” Tubby might be attractive on a storybook teddy bear, but on a leader it is just … tubby. Not cool!

Focus on your mental and physical fitness this week. Your integrity and influence are on the line!



Which one do you struggle with the most to include in your schedule … mental or physical fitness?





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Patricia Freeman Nesberg

8 years ago

The physical exercise is the most difficult-to-hold-onto routine as my summer becomes filled with days that are all too long already. Although I am on my feet and the work is rarely sitting, there’s something entirely different about focused exercise, both physically and mentally. I own a couple of seasonal restaurants and the days are physically demanding which could lead one to think that “exercise” is built into the position. In a way, yes. But what I find on a power walk through the Hiawatha National Forest is absolutely different chemically and much more mentally expansive. Consistent increase in heart rate for a sustained period of time facilitates not only opening the circulation (we used to call this “blowing out the carbon” in cars), but it also opens the mind to outer awareness. The body and mind seem to let go, busy thoughts fall away like leaves underfoot, and the sky moves in to fill the void.
I’m always grateful for your thoughts, Randy. They are the voice of reason in a seemingly unreasonable world (at times).


8 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement Patricias. And thanks for the great comment!


8 years ago

Great comments Patricia. Randy, thanks for making the connection between leadership and fitness. At times I have the tendency to solely think about and practice fitness in physical form only, keeping my body in shape and well-conditioned for peak performance. And while I am well aware of the mental stimulation and other benefits that are a result of exercise induced release of chemicals, I too often neglect the intentional and focused exercise of the mind. I get distracted by stillness, stillness that would allow me to pursue more intently the answers to my questions. When I am physically still and my body has come to a stop, my mind doesn’t get the memo, and keeps trucking along. I want to slow down and listen more. If I have what it takes to stay fit and to lead myself, then I have what it takes to lead and influence others. By staying fit, both mentally and physically, it just might be that I can offer someone the experience of what I have learned through the fitness process, and how the same discipline and integrity that it takes to stay fit, is the same discipline and integrity that is takes to face the challenges we are confronted with on a daily basis at work, at home, and in our communities.


8 years ago

Great discussion see ZL. Thanks!

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