Are You Playing it Safe?

Leaders are risk takers. Few people ever have great influence while playing it safe, and they certainly never live up to their potential.

When is the last time you took a leadership risk? Don’t get me wrong. Risk doesn’t = being stupid. Risk means being brave. In many cases, simply showing up and flexing some initiative.

I have a friend, Stacey Williams, who is a great leader. He has been motivating me with his encouragement for the past 30 years. One of the places where Stacey is showing up is in the writing of acrostics. He is great at it. Stacey recently sent me this one on why leaders play it safe.

SSecurity is valued more than Success.

AAcceptance is valued more than achievement.

FFear is valued more than faithfulness.

EEase is valued more than excellence.

Recognize any of those traits in yourself? If so, chances are, you have greater potential than your performance is currently indicating.

Why not be brave today and take a risk? It’s time to stop playing it safe.

Leadership Begins at Home,


When is the last time you saw a leader take a risk?

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