Yesterday I visited a friend in the hospital.  I found myself sitting in a waiting room while he was having a “procedure” which is another word for “it takes a long time.”

In the background there was an episode of “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” playing on a TV mounted in the corner of the room.

Jeff Foxworthy was hosting.  The contestant was a woman named Shanna who had brought her little dog named Kobe, named after the famous Laker.

Kobe was dressed in a ridiculous dog outfit which seemed to fascinate Jeff as well as the people in the waiting room.  Shanna explained that Kobe had at least 100 other outfits at home.

It was the longest 20 minutes of my life.

As the time passed in slow motion I was reminded of something important.  Namely, TV is like a drug.

The waiting room was glued to the screen.  The content was mindless, but it still managed to suck people into its vortex.

Leader, the more time you spend watching television, the less influence you will have.  I am convinced of that.

If you are a heavy television watcher, chances are, you are squandering some vital opportunities.

Refocus on what matters most in the coming days, turn off the television, and watch your impact grow.  Even a 5th grader is smart enough to know that.



How many hours of TV do you watch each week?