Over the weekend, two NFL head coaches were sidelined from the sidelines (pardon the pun) with health issues.

John Fox of the Denver Broncos now finds himself facing a heart valve replacement, while Houston Texan coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field walking to the locker room at halftime of the Texans Sunday night game with the Colts. Kubiak remains hospitalized while doctors run tests to try and diagnose his condition. During an interview with a Texans assistant coach it was suggested that Kubiak might simply be suffering from exhaustion after pulling several all-nighters preparing for the game. The latest report indicates Kubiak may have had a mini-stroke. Either way, let’s hope both coaches will be okay.

The two incidents reminded me that leaders have limits.

When you look at your own leadership, are you taking care of yourself? Do you take a day off each week? Is your schedule sustainable? Do you feel drained, full of dread, and easily irritated? Are you getting enough rest? Are your relationships healthy and vibrant or emotionally draining? Are you eating a balanced diet?Do you exercise on a consistent basis?

Spend some time today reflecting on those questions and make adjustments as needed. The only person who can take care of you … is YOU.



What is one self leadership adjustment you need to make this week?