Are You Utilizing the Lunch & Learn?

Today I have a simple challenge for you. What if you took one of your lunches each month and committed it to learning?
Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Meet with someone you consider to be a strong leader and bring a list of questions.
  2. Spend an hour reading a Harvard Business Review case study.
  3. Visit a corporate environment that is thriving and meet with the leader.
  4. Visit a nonprofit and see what you can learn about mobilizing volunteers.
  5. Go to a museum.
  6. Take an hour and write out 10 dreams you have as a leader.
  7. Catch up on all of your unread blogs.
  8. Read the biography of a respected leader.

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If you will strategically use twelve of your lunches in the coming year to pursue learning, you will be a better leader.
Leadership Begins at Home,
What other ideas would you add to the list?
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