Kano Jigoro is the father of Judo.

Before Kano’s death he had one request of his students. “Bury me in my white belt.” His dying wish was to be remembered as a learner, not as a black belt master.

Great leaders see themselves as lifelong learners. They are never satisfied or found thinking they have learned enough. The best of the best continually pursue personal growth and skill development.

When you think about where you are as a leader, do you lean toward a feeling of satisfaction because of your God-given talent, or are you hungry, grasping the realization that you have a long way to go?

If you want to maximize your influence, see yourself as wearing your white belt today and focus on being a learner before you think about being a leader.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is one area you desire to further your learning during the next month?

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