Barber Shop

When I was a kid, I lived in a small town.  Every couple of weeks my Dad would tell me to hop in the truck and we would head off to the local Barber Shop.

I hated it.

It always made my neck itch and I usually had to take a bath afterwards.  What kid wants to deal with an itchy neck and a bar of soap?

But I always got the feeling that my Dad had a different view of the Barber Shop.  For him it was a place to shoot the breeze with a few of the locals.  The men would sit around and talk about sports and politics while the Barber dished out the itchy necks to the sons.

Looking back I can see that there was value in the Barber Shop for a leader like my Dad.  Several things come to mind.

1 – It kept him aware of what was relevant in our town.

2 – It was a place for him to share ideas and listen to the opinions of his friends and neighbors.

3 – It gave him an escape from the stresses of the office.

4 – It was a place where he could laugh.

Today’s leaders are no different from my Dad’s generation.  We still need outlets where we can be a part of the conversation.

You may choose a different venue, but the values are still the same.  Find a place where you can listen, learn, and laugh and you will be a better leader.

And if you decide to take your son along, don’t expect him to enjoy it if there is a Barber involved.



Where is your favorite place to hang out with others?

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John Orr

10 years ago

I hated the barber shop growing up. The barber’s name was Harold and he always asked me if I had a girlfriend yet–I was only six! But he did have some cool large mouth bass on the wall that I like to look at as he harassed me.


10 years ago

Every good old school Barber Shop had a fish on the wall. Sounds like Harold was a piece of work!


10 years ago

When I get to Heaven I am going to get my haircut at Floyd’s Barber Shop. I’m sure it will be there!


10 years ago

Floyd will probably have a two chair shop up there!


10 years ago

I like hanging out at our local waffle house or chick-fil-a with a group of guys doing life together. If waffle house and/or chick-fil-a had any idea of the lives that are being impacted at their food chains, they would be amazed!


10 years ago

A lot of life happens across WH tables!

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