Preparation is an Angst Killer

Angst. Its a funny little word. Only its not funny. Whenever you hear it, or feel it, go ahead and get ready. Something bad is about to happen.
The dictionary defines angst as, “A feeling of deep anxiety or dread.”
There are times when you don’t have a choice. Angst is going to show up. A consultation with a doctor to receive test results … a meeting with a team member where you have to break the news he is no longer on the team … standing in line for the ferris wheel being laughed at by your four daughters because you are scared of heights (the only thing worse is lying in the floor of the Ferris wheel because your little girls think its fun to rock it back and forth).
During such times, I try to remember that worry is my enemy and dread never changes anything.
However, there are other times. Times when angst shows up because I invited it into my leadership world.
In those times, it has been my experience that angst is a result of a lack of preparation and discipline on my part.
Conversely, I never dread a test when I know all the answers going in. Marathons are not scary when I know I am trained properly. Speaking to a large audience brings no fear when I have put in the time to prepare and I have great command of my content. But flip those scenarios with a lack of study, training, or preparation and fear is sure to show up.
If today finds you full of angst, ask yourself why. It could be you are bringing some of it upon yourself. Make disciplined preparation a higher priority and watch angst leave town.
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