Beware of greatness.It can be a trap.

I know. I know. Leaders are supposed to move from good to great, but I’m telling you, greatness can be a trap.

The reality is most people find themselves motivated by selfishness rather than servanthood. They chase greatness thinking they will find happiness.

Ambition rules the day.

Abraham Lincoln understood the dangers of ambition. While few would argue with his legacy of greatness, it was the following mindset that kept him grounded. In his own words …

“Dazzled with hype, we cannot see the cheat,

Of aiming with impatience to be great.

When wild ambition in the heart we find,

Farewell content and quiet of the mind.

For glittering clouds we leave the solid shore,

and wanted happiness returns no more.”

Lincoln is perhaps the greatest president in history. Why? Because he was a disciplined leader, who practiced disciplined thinking and disciplined actions.

However, Lincoln’s greatest trait might have been his respect for ambition.

I hope the same can be said for you.

Again, beware of greatness. Especially if the person you are trying to impress, is … YOU.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think leaders are so susceptible to ambition?

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