Bitter and sweet. Two words that stand on there own, but when put together they imply a collision has taken place.

On Saturday, the words showed up together, causing an emotional train wreck.

It was like mixing onions and chocolate . . . tears and laughter at the same time.

All the bed time stories, tea parties, daddy daughter dates, family dinners, soccer games, vacations, and hugs came flooding back as another daughter received her diploma for completing high school.

Can time really be passing this fast? Wasn’t she just a four year old last week?

Saturday’s graduation served as another reminder that our days are numbered, memories are priceless, and nothing means more to me than my family.

Miss Sassy on the Beach has now grown up to become a beautiful young woman who loves God and serves others. She is on the right road and I could not be more proud of her. The bad thing about roads, though, is they lead you away from home.

For now, I will pretend that time stands still, even though I know I

am lying to myself. The truth is, seventy-five days will pass a lot faster than eighteen years.

While time is stopped, I will savor every ounce of one last summer, and then I will let her go.

And it will be . . . Bitter Sweet.





What is the best thing that has happened in your family life during the past month? Is there someone at home who you need to encourage this week?