Can you imagine being a fox in a pack of hounds?

As a leader your answer is probably, “No.”

But occasionally a leader loses his way and it happens.

Let me remind you that you are not meant to “Blend In.” You are to be a difference maker.

If today finds you running in the wrong pack, I suggest you do some “RE” work.

First – Remember.  Embrace your role as a leader and remember why you wanted to be one in the first place.  I’m guessing (if you are an i2i leader) you wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  Difference makers don’t blend in.

Second – Resist. The temptation is to allow others to shape your thinking and thus your actions.  Resist the lure and don’t be afraid to make hard decisions and lead.  Life is not a popularity contest unless you are in Junior High, which I’m assuming most of you are not.

Third – Refuse.  The status quo used to bother you.  I’m guessing it bothered you a lot.  If you find yourself coasting, now is the time to take inventory and refuse to allow mediocrity anywhere near your life and leadership.

Fourth – Reengage.  If you are running in the wrong pack most likely you have disengaged at some point.  There is no better day than today to reconnect to your purpose and make a fresh commitment to lead the pack.

Remember, Resist, Refuse, and Reengage.

Master those four and you will stay ahead of the hounds.



What other “RE” words would you add to the list?