Over the weekend I had the chance to hang out with one of my closest friends. He will be 50 in a couple of weeks.

A few days ago he received a surprise in the mail, and he showed it to me. It was an AARP card.

Yikes! Talk about the Blur.

Unless he makes it past 100, he is officially “over the hill.” 

Knowing him, he may fly by 100. Still, just like the rest of us, his days are numbered.

The Roman poet Virgil was the first to pen the phrase “Tempus Fugit” . . . time flies.

The older I get, the more I recognize Virgil knew what he was talking about, and I too am most likely on the backside.

As a runner I can tell you I like the downhills a lot more than I do the climbing. So if indeed I am over the hill, I plan to have some fun. I might even buy myself a bike.

Every day is a gift. The Bible reminds us to relish each one in Psalm 90:12 where it says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to the Lord a heart of wisdom.”

Nothing would make me happier than to arrive at the finish line and be able to stand before God with a wise heart.

Tempus Fugit, my friend. You have one shot at life. Don’t be a victim of the Blur.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Do you think leaders are more susceptible than others to the Blur?  Is so, why?

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