Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” (tweet)

As you look at what you are attempting to lead, does it feel simple or complex? Do you have margin to love and laugh, or do you find yourself drained and disillusioned? Can you explain it to a six year old?

6 Year OldsNow that football season is in full force, pay attention to the teams who do the simple things with excellence. It is not the highest payroll or the most complex scheme that guarantees victory. No, success shows up on the doorstep of those who block and tackle, whose penalties and turnovers are few, and who play hard and work together. The formula for winning is really very simple.

Perhaps now would be a good time for you to go back to your playbook and redefine what it will take for you to be, not impressive, but effective. BTW – effective is always more impressive than trying to be impressive.

Once you determine what constitutes simplicity in your leadership world, I challenge you to find yourself some six year olds and explain it to them. If you can’t do it, you probably don’t understand it yourself.

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Leadership Begins at Home,


What is one area of your life where you need to “simplify” over the upcoming week?

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