Can't See the Forest?

When you see a forest, what do you see?

Depends on your vision.

An ordinary person sees trees.  An expert craftsman does not.

The craftsman sees furniture and boat docks.  Cabinets and tables.  Pianos and Guitars.  Houses and cabins.

When you see a crowd, what do you see?

Depends on your vision.

An ordinary person sees people.  A leader does not.

The leader sees gifts and talents.  Abilities and passions.  Teachers and musicians.  Artists and coaches.

How has your ‘vision’ been lately?  When is the last time you saw someone for what they could be rather than what they currently are?

When is the last time you helped someone unleash their full potential?

This week, open your eyes to those around you and encourage one person in their development.

You might be shocked at what you find underneath the bark.



What are some principles you think are important when discovering and developing potential leaders?

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10 years ago

First, look at the people who are or have been most successful in your organization and ask yourself:
1.What kind of training and experience do they have? What is their educational background, years of experience, personality type, and what motivates them?
Secondly, potential candidates for leadership should have an aptitude for develop in the following areas:
Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Relating to different personality styles, Time Management, & Goal Setting


10 years ago

Great guidelines for recruiting RP!

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