Yeah … I said the C word. Celebration.
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to gather with about 50 friends and family for a book launch party. My friend Mark Miller launched his book, Leaders Made Here a week ago, and Dan Webster and I launched UNSTUCK yesterday. In case you missed the UNSTUCK trailer video, you can view it here.
What are the odds that our books would come out the same week? Mark and I thought it called for a party. Before it started, my wife asked me if I was excited. I thought about it for a moment and realized I wasn’t as excited as I should be. Thankfully she reminded me it was a big deal and that I deserved to have a day to be celebrated.
There are so many times when leaders accomplish something great and then fail to celebrate. Can you relate? How many times do you hit the target and then turn your attention, not to congratulating your team, but to the next target. If that is your tendency, can I tell you something? It takes the steam out of your team when you skip the celebration.
Yesterday (launch day) was a really cool day for me. Thanks to my team, and those of you who helped us spread the word, UNSTUCK hit the Amazon #1 New Release in the job hunting & career category. Honestly, I was blown away with how well it opened. Shameless plug … If you don’t have your copy yet, what are you waiting for? And while you are at it, please buy your friend who is stuck in his or her job, relationship, or habit a copy too — or hundred friends  … oh, and please leave a review if you like it as much as everyone else. If not, forget the review.
The road ahead for UNSTUCK is a long one. There will never be a time that I stop encouraging people to live and lead with passion. But this week, we are celebrating. We have worked hard, failed more times than I care to admit. and made it to the finish line — which, I know, now becomes the starting line … just not for a couple of weeks.
So, I’ll say it again. Celebration. I’m guessing if you are like me, it’s an area you can improve, and one place you definitely need to be UNSTUCK.
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