On Friday I found myself waiting around a computer store while someone a lot smarter than I am saved me from the wrath of my loved ones.

Let’s just say computers are not my strong suit and I had basically erased 3 years of memories.

Thank you Genius Geek Man! My family is now speaking to me again.

While I waited I decided to go for a run around the area where the store is located.

After a couple of miles I came to a busy intersection.  The light was red and so I had to pause for a few seconds.

As I stood there sweating, an overweight business man dressed in a sport coat and tie walked up to me and said, “It doesn’t seem fair.  I have been sitting in that hotel lounge drinking wine while you are out here choosing to running your %$#@ off.”

I wanted to tell him that he could use a little less %$#@ himself, but I didn’t.

There is an old saying: “The body you have at 20 is due to genetic makeup.  The one you have at 40 is the one you deserve.”

What Big Boy Wine Drinker failed to realize is that he had the opportunity to make the right choice just like I did.

Choices.  Every day you are faced with them too.

One of the biggest choices you will make is the choice to exercise.

So how are you doing?

Why not make exercise a high priority this week?  You will feel better and you will be more “fit” to lead.

I have a hunch you want to be healthy.  If so, you can be.

But only if you make the right choice.



How often do you exercise and what is your favorite exercise activity?