Skype rocks!

If you are unfamiliar with Skype, you are missing out.

The app allows face to face communication from anywhere around the world where there is a wi-fi connection.

Yesterday I sat and connected with my wife who happens to be in Africa this week.

If you travel at all, I highly recommend you use Skype to stay linked to your loved ones.

For a leader connection is important.  In fact, connection is the goal of communication.

Are you connected?

Notice I didn’t say, “Are you communicating?” I want to know if you are connecting?

A disconnected leader is a leader with little or no influence.

If you find yourself communicating but not connecting, you are merely making noise.

Whether you sit face to face using Skype, or in person really doesn’t matter.  What counts is the connection.

Connect with someone today.  Someone needs to be heard and there are some things you need to say.

By the way, if you really want to connect, I suggest you heed the words of Scripture:  “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

Listen first.  Talk second.  Wise words for a guy like me.

Forget communication.  It’s time to connect!



When was the last time you really “connected” with someone?