Choose Perseverance over Strength

Having run seven Marathons, and even one Ultra, I can tell you it is not always the fastest who wins the race. In fact, when you push the distance over 26.2 miles, speed becomes relative.


American author, H. Jackson Brown once wrote, In the confrontation between the stream & the rock, the stream always wins . . . not thru strength but perseverance.

I’m not sure if Brown ever ran a marathon, but he had the right mentality for it.

Is there a place in your life where you are tempted to throw in the towel because you don’t feel like you measure up to those around you? A place where everyone else seems faster, stronger, or more prepared for the task?

If so, be reminded that the medals go to the ones who persevere – to those still standing at the end of the race.

Today is an important day. Keep moving forward and keep making progress.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Where is one place in your life that you need to persevere?

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Russell Brown

7 years ago

Running #2 this weekend Randy, and with the brutal winter I’m not really ready… But I will persevere! (Or so I am planning to).


7 years ago

Awesome, Russ! You can do it.

Mitch Jones

7 years ago

Randy, hoping to run a half marathon this fall and then perhaps a full marathon next year. What training plan have you found to be the most effective?


7 years ago

Go for it, Mitch! I would suggest you
visit He has a lot of info for runners of all levels. Can’t wait for you to join the finisher club!

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