I hate bad coffee.  I had a cup yesterday and after one sip I poured it down the drain.

When it comes to java, it all comes down to the beans.  Bad beans equals bad coffee.   Whereas, good beans lead to a great cup.

Recently I noticed that our coffee beans at home had become stale.  They looked dry, smelled bitter, and tasted flat.  I bought a new bag and the difference was amazing.  Beautiful wet beans, a fresh flavorful scent, and a great taste.

When it comes to leadership many leaders need to change their beans.  They have taken “routine” to the extreme.  Same old methods, same old systems, same old thinking, same old results.

When was the last time you tried something new, changed a habit, dropped an outdated method, or considered thinking outside of the box?

This week I challenge you to “think fresh.”

Pick one thing you are doing that has become stale and try something new.  The results will be a fresh leadership aroma.  But failure to focus on fresh could very well lead to your influence being poured down the drain.

Don’t rely on old beans.  Think fresh!



What is one thing you could do to freshen up your leadership?


repost from 8.16.10