It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.  That’s why coffee filters are so important.

Without the filter, you would end up with a cup full of grounds.  Trust me, not a good thing.

Thankfully, coffee filters strain the grounds and leave us with the good stuff.

Great leaders have discovered the importance of filters beyond the coffee pot.  They have a philosophy or grid they use to sift their decisions.  When they face big moments they turn to their filter and end up with the “good stuff.”

For me, my filter is the Bible.  I love the fact that I have an instruction manual on how life and leadership is designed to work.  It gives me confidence to know that the principles of Scripture have been tried, and proven trustworthy, for centuries.

I hope you have a filter for your leadership, and I hope you use it daily.  Give the Bible a try and see if you don’t end it with more clarity.

It’s the best filter you are going to find.



What do you use to filter your leadership decisions?