It’s time for my cup of coffee.  I might even have two today?

For the next several days we will look at leadership through the filter of coffee.

Today . . . Routine.

Every day people all over the world pour a cup of coffee to start their day.  It represents a routine which is defined as an “unvarying and constantly repeated formula.”

Leaders can learn a lot from coffee drinkers.  Namely, find a routine and stick with it.  A constantly repeated formula can lead to leadership success.

I am not saying that routine should be your only focus.  There are many times you should live outside the box – more on that in a few days.  However, you will never have success unless you are willing to establish some disciplined routines for learning and leading.

Find a routine that helps you lead yourself first and you will be ready to lead others.

The next time you pour yourself a cup may it remind you to be relentless in your self-leadership routines.



What are some of your routines that make you a better leader?