Last night in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Boston Celtic Point guard Rajon Rondo, went all “World-Peace” (a.k.a. Ron Artest) and chest bumped a referee for a foul call against a Boston teammate.

Can you say suspension?

After the game the commentators tried to defend Rondo, but let’s face it, the guy did what all of us have done at some point. He lost his composure.

With the Celtics trailing the Atlanta Hawks by four points with 41 seconds to go in the game, Rondo ran his mouth to the point where he was assessed a technical foul.

Enter the chest bump.

Rondo was then assessed a second technical and kicked out of the game.

As the point guard Rondo is the leader on the floor for his team, and he should know better than to get kicked out of a game in crunch time.

Proverbs 29:11 says, “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”

I will be the first to admit, it can happen to anyone. However, as a leader, it is important to remember that an outburst of anger has consequences.

Consider the following:

  • When we “lose it” everyone on the team is affected. If Rondo is indeed suspended, his teammates will suffer as much as he does.
  • When we don’t learn from our mistakes we are bound to repeat them. Rondo was already suspended for two games earlier this season for throwing a ball at an official. Anger management anyone?
  • When we have a meltdown at the wrong time, we ruin our reputation. Rondo is a really good player. Unfortunately, a major part of his legacy will be tied to “going postal” in a playoff game.

Undoubtedly, there will be times this week you are tempted to lose your composure.


An outburst of anger will hurt those around you and cause a hit to your influence.

Remember, “A wise man keeps himself under control.”





Do you think Rondo should be suspended? 


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Chris Patton

9 years ago

This is really good stuff, Randy!  I determined several years ago that I was not yet mature enough to play men’s basketball at church due to my frustration levels.  I was afraid of what behaviors they may lead to!
I just did a post on things NOT to do when angry… 
Then I had a great guest post from Kari Scare on what TO DO when angry… 
While I think hers is better, they both give some good points about dealing with our anger!  I especially like her final point about replacing habits.  Take a look and let me know what you think!


9 years ago

Both are great blogs CP. Especially like the comment on Kari’s from the guy who says he asks himself “What’s Behind” my anger referring to her suggestion to deal with the root cause. Thanks for commenting & have a great week!


9 years ago

Very good blog Randy–thank you for the reminder!
Joe O.


9 years ago

Thanks Joe!

Joel Gray

9 years ago

Excellent start to the week! 


9 years ago

Thanks Joel. Have a great one!


9 years ago

I do believe he should be suspended.  Not only is he a key player and leader to his team but he is also a role model to millions of kids and teens.  What example is he setting for everyone else.  Like it or not he is in that position and should hold himself accordingly.  Much is the same for us as Christians.  We are a model for the rest of the world.  We are held to a higher standard.  Shouldn’t we do our best to live up to it?
Just last night my 3 year old split her drink all over the dinner table.  My first reaction was to get angry and yell at her.  She is known to toss her food to the floor if she doesn’t want it.  Praise God that I managed to stop myself and get my composure.  Instead of yelling I gave her comfort.  She was after all upset she dumped her soda pop…
Thanks Randy for a great post.


9 years ago

Thanks Jason. Great comment!

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