Do You Have a Constantly Repeated Formula?

Every day people all over the world pour a cup of coffee to start their day. It represents a routine which is defined as, “an unvarying and constantly repeated formula.”


Leaders can learn a lot from coffee drinkers. Namely, find a routine and stick with it. A constantly repeated formula can lead to leadership success.

I am not saying that routine should be your only focus. There are many times you should live outside the box. However, you will never have success unless you are willing to establish some disciplined routines for learning and leading.

Find a routine that helps you lead yourself first, and you will be ready to lead others.

The next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, may it remind you to be relentless in your self-leadership routines.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What are some of your routines that make you a better leader?

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David Pethick

7 years ago

Hi Randy
I just came across your blog (via Mark Miller) and enjoyed reading some of the posts.
This one in particular appealed to me. The idea of using habits and routines for self-leadership is a great insight into how leaders can improve themselves a little bit through daily practice.
I’ve developed one leadership habit that I am very proud of. Every morning I do the hardest thing on my to-do list first. It’s not hard to work out what it is – it’s the first thing that pops into my head in the morning. It’s a habit I’ve developed over many years and it gets the day off to a great start. Particularly if I can knock it over when I’m also enjoying that first cup of coffee for the morning!
David Pethick


7 years ago

That is a great routine David. Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking out my site!

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