Cowboy Up

Over the weekend I was running with Tim McGraw. Actually, I was the only one running. Tim was in my iPod singing.

As I was listening to some old tunes, The Cowboy in Me hit my playlist. Tim’s lyric, “We ride and never worry about the fall; I guess that’s just the cowboy in us all,” got me to thinking. Most of us aren’t as cowboy as we would like to believe we are. Truthfully, most of us never even get on the horse.

Cowboys are brave. We, on the other hand, are cowards at times. Don’t believe me? Have you tried anything new, or considered a change lately?

The best leaders are open to something fresh. They are not fearless, but they move forward anyway.

Take a look at your organization. Are you gaining ground or standing still? Do you see the same results and the same metrics that you saw a year ago? Five years ago?

If you are stagnant in your mission, there are a few possibilities. You either have the wrong strategy, the wrong team, or you are the wrong leader. All of those call for some tough and painful decisions.

What if you decided to quit playing it safe and faced the brutal facts?

If you are serious about maximizing your influence, you will stop worrying about the fall . . . and “cowboy up.”



Is there a place where you need to make a tough call?




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Coach Brown

8 years ago

Timely comments. I listened to Mark Miller from Chick Fill-A this morning. If you have not had the chance, you may find this very interesting.


8 years ago

Thanks Coach, I will check it out. Have a great day!


8 years ago

I guess I hide too often from making changes… It is funny growing up kids, myself included, often dream of being that “Cowboy” who is the hero riding off in the sunset… Maybe I can pony up and make a change for the better…


8 years ago

Every kid has a little cowboy in them. Thanks Jason!


7 years ago

your comments here are so true. We dream of doing so many things and then talk ourselves out of them. I have had a dream of being a photographer since I was in high school. At the age of 46 I stopped talking myself out of it and just did it. I went back to school and am now getting my degree in photography. That first step is the hardest but I don’t regret the moment I “Cowboy’d Up” and enrolled in school. My armature photographer status has now changed to professional photographer and I am loving my new job. So I say “Take the Plunge!” “Cowboy Up!” and “Get R Done!”


7 years ago

That is awesome Rose! Thanks for the comment and for demonstrating courage to those around you. Blessings!

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