I once heard it said that, “Those who dance are thought to be insane by those who cannot hear the music.”

Does today find you dancing?  I hope so.

The alternative is to sit back and scoff at those who choose to listen to the music and join the dance.

Leaders who fail to discover their interests are simply going through the motions.  They have no “rhythm” and show little emotion at work or at home.  At some point they will begin to wither and become weary.

Find something today that brings you life and invest some time pursuing it.

Options: A . . . conversation, workout, book, painting, meal, game, movie, song, meeting, job, run, or even a dance might top your list?

Passion is a powerful force.  Find a place where you hear the music today and then . . . DANCE.



If you had one hour of free time today, how would you use it?