Go ahead and expect it. If you choose to be courageous and your heart is right, you can anticipate an adventure.
One of the things I failed to appreciate when I made my big transition to encouraging leaders full-time was what an adventure it would be. It has stretched me, challenged me, pushed me, and caused me to grow. I can’t imagine how stuck I would be had I not embraced change.
The adventure has taken me all over the country. During the last 18 months, I have met thousands of leaders, traveled to Yellowstone and Alaska, attended an NBA playoff game to watch the Spurs on their march to a 5th championship in 15 years, spent a week at spring training with my favorite team the Pirates, and experienced some amazing days in the Big Apple with my wife learning the craft of storytelling.
As I write these words, I am enjoying the beauty of West Virginia, a place I had never been before the change. If I had chosen comfort, none of these adventures would have happened. I hate to admit it, but I never anticipated how great change could be.
Change has a way of taking us places – not just places on the map. The demands of different are the catalyst to accelerate our accomplishments. Change propels us to progress. It grows us toward greatness.
If you are facing a change and find yourself mired in fear or looking for reasons to resist, I challenge you to lean in.
If you will, you can anticipate an adventure.
Leadership begins at home.
When it comes to change, do you think it is easier for leaders to anticipate adversity or adventure? Why?
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