In the Bible there is a story about two sisters, Mary and Martha, who were visited by Jesus. Luke 10:38-42 tells us that when Jesus arrived, Mary sat attentively listening to Him, while her sister Martha was “distracted” with all the preparations that had to be made.

Jesus questioned her, “Martha, Martha. Why are you worried and upset over so many things? Only few things are needed. Really only one.”

I know many people who are “distracted” over all the preparations that need to be made leading into Christmas. The word distracted in this story is a Greek word, περιεσπᾶτο (periespato). It is the only time the word is used in the entire Bible.

The meaning of the word is “cumbered.” It is where we get our English word encumbered. Picture a messy strand of Christmas lights.

TangledIt literally means, “To be tangled up.” 

As you approach Christmas are there things that have you tangled up? Distractions that have you worried and upset?

It is so easy to lose sight of those few things that are really needed. Instead, we search for the right present, the best party, and the perfect tree. All at the expense of the “few” things.

Our periespato leads to a sense of hurry and scurry, until we reach the end of the season and realize we missed its meaning and its moments.

Take some time today and identify those few things that need your attention and then seek to eliminate the distractions.

Leadership Begins at Home,


As you prepare for Christmas, what are the “few” things that need your attention?

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