Last week my buddies and I tried to have lunch in a local dive. I say “tried to” for a reason.

The place didn’t deliver. I’m not talking Dominoes Pizza ‘didn’t deliver.’ I’m talking they were out of food ‘didn’t deliver.’

The restaurant only has about 3 choices on the menu. Two of the three were not available according to the waitress. Needless to say, the place was not very crowded.

The entire encounter was so bad that she finally suggested, “You might want to go somewhere else.”

“How can you be a restaurant and run out of food,” I asked? Her answer made little sense. She said, “It was a

really busy weekend.”

I wanted to say to her, “It’s Tuesday!”

I didn’t. I held my tongue and walked away hungry. I will not return to the place.

Every day companies loose people. Why? Because the company doesn’t deliver.

Do you deliver? As a leader the responsibility for excellence rests upon your shoulders.

It is one thing to make a mistake. We all do. It is a whole other thing to tolerate a culture of apathy and weak systems.

If I visited your company, school, home, business, or team today would I get what I was expecting?

May we never have to send someone away to receive something that we are in business to provide.

Let’s work on our delivery!



Where have you experienced a lack of “delivery” lately?



repost from 5.24.11